Saving time with Mac and Cheese

I have been experimenting with mac and cheese.  if you want to make mac and cheese but want to save time and waste consider storing excess pasta in the refrig. I am a newbie cook and didn’t benefit from all the econ classes my mom had so i usually cook too much pasta. This time instead of wasting i just put the extra pasta i didn’t cook and put it in the ziploc bag. The next time i cooked Mac and Cheese i didn’t have to boil the pasta which takes a long time. IF you meal plan and make extra cheese sauce you can also have your own Kraft mac and cheese like recipe at your fingertips. It makes cooking easier and more enjoyable, less labor intensive.  So here’s my ghetto recipe i put together from various recipes and my own liking

 pasta, any kind

american cheese slices

muenster cheese or sharp cheddar (sharp is the best)

(PAtti Labelle puts shrimp in hers)

I used a single cooked shrimp i believe seasoned with OLD BAY like seasoning, cut up the shrimp and add accordingly

Coconut milk

(you can add sugar but i didn’t this time)

Nutmeg( NOT a WHOLE LOT it will mess up the flavor), 

Cayenne Pepper,

paprika garlic and Onions Chopped

Make sure you use enough cheese mixture to cover the whole thing, if you use coconut milk it can be thick its best to mix all the spices together with the milk first. I made a mistake and put the onions on last and the flavor wasnt throughout so remember that. The onions give it the best flavor and the cayenne. Enjoy. Let me know how it turns out.


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