Sodium in your food

Coconut Milk

On my search for health food products i have to create a special diet for someone. Upon researching all my info i never noticed how much sodium is in our food. ALL our food. Anything packaged or canned has an enormous amount of extra sodium, no wonder everyone has high blood pressure.  While you need sodium, most people probably get WAY more then they need, if you live in America.

Tips for lowering sodium in your diet i found to be helpful.

1. Use fresh ingredients.

Only cook canned or packaged food when you absolutely have to or are two tired to do otherwise. You increase your salt intact tremendously. I read somewhere that if 20% of you daily serving is sodium you have too much sodium in your diet. So use fresh everything.

2. Get a Blender

The above picture is Coconut Milk, but even canned Coconut milk has sodium, Rice Milk has a higher sodium content although  lower than milk. If you blend fresh fruits, instead of Canned you will not be taking in as much sodium. So make your OWN, almond Milk, Coconut Milk and others if possible.

3. Plan your meals

The only way you can properly prepare fresh food is to PLAN. For example Coconut Milk prepared at home doesnt keep long so you absolutely have to decide what you will cook or eat before hand. By cutting out one prepared, packaged meal a day you can probably significantly cut down on your salt intake. So the next time i will provide you will a easy meal planning guide so you can try to make a better choice while you cook. Hope this helps. JLSS.


by SoraZG  photo courtesy Flickr

Eating Fresh is the BEST!


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