Newbie cooks ingredients list

Okay if you are not a well seasoned cook i put together a list for newbie cooks and those who never really cooked before. I mean they dont teach econ any more so this might help.


these are some basic seasonings you need to have on hand when you need to begin stocking a pantry.


1. Cinnamon

2. Nutmeg

3. Salt and Pepper

4. Vanilla Extract

5. Old bay

6. Garlic


8. Jerk Seasoning

9. Paprika

10. coconut oil or milk

**Cocoa its good to have on hand but you may not use it as much

With the up top ingredients you can make most dishes or sub what you dont have, i use cinnamon for everything, and nutmeg for all basic soul food dishes such as sweet potatos or mac and cheese, I use Jerk sparingly and some times curry which i didnt include but both are good for west indian dishes. All the others including Old bay will keep you straight from running out of stuff or having a BLAND dish if you are trying to make stuff from scratch.


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