a little news about food justice

Americas have access to food. There is no excuse for anyone to be starving here, if you are not healthy though you cannot work.  Maintaining your health should not cost thousands of dollars, however most often we see the majority of fast food and liquor stores in poor neighborhoods.I believe this most be for the poor to drink their sorrows away, but the truth is it costs too much and people are unwilling to invest on a whole foods in a poor neighborhood. I propose that healthly living needs a PR adjustment. One thing is there’s a lot of misconceptions about living healthly. I dont like bad tasting food, and as an ex-slave food consumer i can tell you taste is important. not the most important but its up there. While it is important to remember to provide healthly food to low income neighborhoods its just as important to educate folks on what they are doing to their bodys. I dont know about you but the MORE signs matter. Eating more fruits and veggies is a key to a better life, you feel better and can tackle all the hard circustances a little bit better when you are well.

It doesnt cost much to eat healthier, when you cut out food crack( crack is whack) you will be more attracted to foods that are healthier for you. Here are some tips

1. Try fruit fresh once a week.

if you wean your body offa food crack( additives and extras) your body wont crave it as much.

2. Dont buy all the brand name organic yada , okay some organics are good if you are doing reversal health and you are concerned about pesticides etc but seriously a 1.00 piece of fruit will be better than sugar loaded items anyday

3. stay away from labels. Look some brands are great and have a good reputation but all your food doesnt need a name. You could go a whole week without buying any food in a box, bad or other you would feel better i guarantee it

4. juice and walk


Either way i would like to see more juice bars in the hood and less, liquor stores and fast food joints because you can get 50 cent rice, 50, plaintain and some curry at the supermarket and be fine. you dont need mr quaker everyday. thanks.




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