Dymystifying the “Welfare Queen” stereotype

Yam Potato Bake

Yam Potato Bake courtesy Vegan Feast Catering, on Flickr

So I’m taking this class on Edx on Global food poverty and never ever thought about the role nutrition plays in the nations poor. I told you I was into food justice and the main area is that there is a lot of misconceptions in the area of the nations poor. The ” Welfare Queen” was always lauded by hosts such as Limbaugh for justifying that food stamps were just making people lazy. This is not a blog post about policy, while however attending a health expo last week someone said to me that people who are poor gain weight because they are eating the improper food. So while they would not seem to be starving, perhaps in the area of nutrition they are. We need what 2000 calories to maintain a proper healthy body, but how many of those calories are actually being used for nutrition. For example, if one is overweight and suffering from heart disease, diabetes and everything else, could it be that LACK is in information and not food. If one is eating in a manner that is suicidal does that not justify more reason to education the general poor on the value of nutrition. One thought it was cruel to require the nations poor to only be allowed healthy food as if to say that is injustice, if you are poor you are unable to go to the cheesecake factory so to speak. One could argue that the cheesecake factory is no better for you than a bag of fries. Still this myth is perpetuated as if to say look your are fat what do you need my tax money for food stamps for? Instead policy should be going into making healthy food appealing and not something that is going to make you want a bag of twinkies afterwards. The poverty we are talking about is more so of information because the better your health the better your life and the more energy you have for getting the life you really desire to have. So this myth is defunct, poverty comes in many ways and not simply monetarily.  Instead lets remember that the earth is full of good tasting food. Many other cultures are apt at seasoning their dishes, there are many African vegetarians so the idea that blackness and grease go together is a misnomer. In addition much of the soul food we consumed had more to do with putting flavor on a very bitter situation, not so much about creating traditions but creating something out of nothing. As with Passover perhaps we should take a lesson and not forget the bitter past. Peace.

tip: Onions give everything flavor, instead of meat try onions for gravy or chop some up and put them in the pan with your bread for an onion bread flavor.

Proverbs 27:7 He who is full loathes honey, but to the hungry even what is bitter tastes sweet.


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