a little news about food justice

Americas have access to food. There is no excuse for anyone to be starving here, if you are not healthy though you cannot work.  Maintaining your health should not cost thousands of dollars, however most often we see the majority of fast food and liquor stores in poor neighborhoods.I believe this most be for the […]

The bad news about Saturated FAT

Okay I love coconut milk and the bad news it is HIGH in saturated fat, just like cheese beef and all other wonderful tasty dishes. Well what i have learned is that their are good fats and in MODERATION one can enjoy all things.  So the solution stock up on Olive Oil and Avocados which are good […]

Newbie cooks ingredients list

Okay if you are not a well seasoned cook i put together a list for newbie cooks and those who never really cooked before. I mean they dont teach econ any more so this might help.   these are some basic seasonings you need to have on hand when you need to begin stocking a […]

Saving time with Mac and Cheese

I have been experimenting with mac and cheese.  if you want to make mac and cheese but want to save time and waste consider storing excess pasta in the refrig. I am a newbie cook and didn’t benefit from all the econ classes my mom had so i usually cook too much pasta. This time instead of wasting […]